Category: Harmony


Harmony is the area within music theory that specifically covers intervals, chords and scales.

Tags: Intervals, Chords, Scales, Major scales, Minor scales, Triads, Seventh chords, Primary degrees, Chord symbols.


Level 1


Chapter 1.8 Half and whole steps
Chapter 1.9 Intervals
Chapter 1.10 Harmonic and melodic intervals
Chapter 1.11 Second, third, fourth and fifth
Chapter 1.12 Major and minor second
Chapter 1.13 The major scale
Chapter 1.14 The C major scale
Chapter 1.15 The G major scale

Level 2


Chapter 2.7. Sixth, seventh and octave
Chapter 2.8 Making major and minor second on all notes
Chapter 2.9 Chords
Chapter 2.10 Triads
Chapter 2.11 Root position and inversion
Chapter 2.12 Degrees: triads and scales
Chapter 2.13 Scales: tonic, dominant tone and leading tone
Chapter 2.14 Degrees I, IV and V: tonic, subdominant and dominant
Chapter 2.15 The dominant seventh chord
Chapter 2.16 The primary degrees in C major
Chapter 2.17 The primary degrees in G major
Chapter 2.18 The D major scale
Chapter 2.19 The primary degrees in D major

Level 3


Chapter 3.5 Major and minor third
Chapter 3.6 Perfect fifth
Chapter 3.7 Major and minor triads
Chapter 3.8 The F major scale
Chapter 3.9 The primary degrees in F major
Chapter 3.10 The chromatic scale
Chapter 3.11 The minor scale
Chapter 3.12 The leading tone in the minor scale
Chapter 3.13 The harmonic and melodic minor scale
Chapter 3.14 The A minor scale
Chapter 3.15 The primary degrees in A minor
Chapter 3.16 The D minor scale
Chapter 3.17 The primary degrees in D minor
Chapter 3.18 Chord symbols

Level 4


Chapter 4.8 Perfect fourth and octave
Chapter 4.9 Major and minor sixth
Chapter 4.10 Major and minor seventh
Chapter 4.11 Triads: the first and second inversion
Chapter 4.12 The B flat major scale
Chapter 4.13 The primary degrees in B flat major
Chapter 4.14 The E minor scale
Chapter 4.15 The primary degrees in E minor
Chapter 4.16 The G minor scale
Chapter 4.17 The primary degrees in G minor
Chapter 4.18 Chord symbols

Level 5


Chapter 5.7 Inversion of intervals
Chapter 5.8 Seventh chords
Chapter 5.9 Seventh chords: root position and inversions
Chapter 5.11 Secondary degrees: the second degree (II)
Chapter 5.12 The A major scale
Chapter 5.13 The primary degrees in A major
Chapter 5.14 The E flat major scale
Chapter 5.15 The primary degrees in E flat major
Chapter 5.16 The B minor scale
Chapter 5.17 The primary degrees in B minor
Chapter 5.18 The C minor scale
Chapter 5.19 The primary degrees in C minor

Level 6


Chapter 6.8 Augmented fourth, diminished and augmented fifth
Chapter 6.9 The five types of intervals
Chapter 6.11 Diminished and augmented triad
Chapter 6.12 Secondary degrees: the sixth degree (VI)
Chapter 6.13 Chord symbols
Chapter 6.14 The E major scale
Chapter 6.15 The primary degrees in E major
Chapter 6.16 The A flat major scale
Chapter 6.17 The primary degrees in A flat major
Chapter 6.18 The F sharp minor scale
Chapter 6.19 The primary degrees in F sharp minor
Chapter 6.20 The C sharp minor scale
Chapter 6.21 The primary degrees in C sharp minor

Level 7